Publi-FDM guarantees a qualitative and stylish lettering or wrap of your (promo) car(s), work vehicles or fleet. Our experienced painters and car wrappers have been in the business for years and take great care with each job. Moreover, we at Publi-FDM know exactly which foil(s) to use and how to apply it correctly. You can also contact us for an appropriate design of the lettering or wrap of your vehicle. 

From idea to execution

At Publi-FDM we strive to provide you with the best service from idea and design to final print.

Our graphic team ensures that your idea and design are worked out in detail in preparation for your printing. 

Our entire team looks after the quality and sharpest colours of your orders throughout the printing process. 

car wrapping

Publi-FDM is the right place for all possible lettering on vehicles such as passenger cars, vans, trucks and trailers. You can also have your whole car carwrapped! Car wrapping is a popular form of car lettering.

Carwrap benefits

  • You can give your car a unique colour, matt or glossy.
  • It can be removed without leaving any residues
  • You can choose from numerous colours and motifs
  • It is 100% customisable!

A carwrap is usually cheaper than having your car painted. You do not damage the paintwork, so you can always return it to its original state. 

You know the situation: you want to start your own business and this requires an own logo. You can go many ways with that logo. For example, it is opportune as a recognition of the company, and it is therefore obvious that it appears on all documents of the company such as invoices and quotations. But how do you make it stand out to new customers?

Simple: with stickers or lettering on your car, van or truck, you will always stand out in the crowd. And just think how many traffic jams there are every day. This means long-term, sustainable advertising with only a small investment. After all, when you are parked with a customer, you also want the surrounding area to know what you have to offer. And also what services you can provide.

You can also give it an extra push by handing out stickers, name cards. Or maybe you don't have a house style or logo yet? Or maybe you are ready for something new? We can help with that too. We ensure that all this becomes reality. See under "realisations" some examples, experiences of previous customers.

Ask for your quotation.