Wall coverings

Advertising banners are an ideal means of conveying a temporary or long-term message. They serve perfectly on the façade of your business or as a temporary carrier of all your project communications. Advertising banners are often found in custom-made banner frames. Discover below more applications of all kinds of advertising banners. You will be amazed at what is possible.


Standard banners

You can order banners in any format and with different finishes of your choice. We offer several materials in order to provide you with the ideal advertising banner. Would you like to know which banner you need exactly? Feel free to contact us and we will help you order the right banner!


yard cloths

Yard cloths have a specific format so that they fit perfectly on heras fences or other fencing. They come standard with rings and are perforated so that they do not catch too much wind. Yard fabrics are often used on construction sites, but they also serve well at festivals as an extra decoration while they limit the view.


Backlit banners

You can also opt for a translucent advertising banner in illuminated advertising. Backlit banners in combination with a banner frame are a great alternative to a light box. In addition, the frame can disappear completely behind the banner, drawing even more attention to the print.


Double-sided banners

Free-standing banner frames can be fitted with a double-sided printed banner. The cloth is slightly thicker than our standard banners, which blocks the light completely and prevents the prints from shining through the cloth, improving visibility. In combination with 2 loops, this type of banner can also be used in angled banner systems.

Angled facade banner

An angled banner system is an excellent investment for mounting on the façade of your business. The double-sided banner that is stretched into the system (stainless steel) makes your message visible from afar and ensures that customers will notice your business more quickly. A variant of this is the flat wall banner where a single-sided banner is hung with its back to the wall.


Flat wall banner

This flat façade banner is (like an angled banner system) mainly used with vertical banners. They are available up to 250 wide and are a nice alternative to a standard banner frame with aluminium tubes. Here, the banner is hung with its back to the façade, so that only one side of the banner is visible.

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Scaffold towels

Scaffolding can be used in this way as an extra advertising space during the work. These cloths are attached to the scaffolding with straps or quick ties and are standard wind-permeable. We are not bound by certain formats so we can also provide your scaffolding with a tailor-made scaffolding fabric! 


Dranghek cloths

The name says it all: these cloths are the ideal size for hanging up on crowd barriers. They are provided with rings and are welded all around for extra sturdiness. You can choose between single-sided and double-sided banners, whereby the banner is hung over the fence.


Non woven on a roll

Non-woven cloths on rolls are suitable for hanging over long separations or fences and are often provided with one logo spread over the entire length of the cloth. We offer this fabric on rolls of 25m x 0.75m, allowing the fabric to be hung in one piece.


Soltis banner

Soltis banners are used in facade banner systems and are stretched as a loop in the system. The fabric is perforated so it catches less wind than a standard banner fabric. Feel free to ask more information about this product or order your banner now.

Total makeover

Looking for wall coverings (seamless wallpaper?), Wall stickers? Floor stickers for shops? At Publi FDM you can find all kinds of colour prints. These are suitable for walls, doors, ceilings and floors. Are you looking for ideas for the office, or for your retail space? Is your restaurant ready for a complete makeover? Or do you want to take your bathroom or bedroom in a different direction in terms of interior design and retail? Are you looking for specific wall coverings, a ceiling cloth or self-adhesive textile? All possibilities can be discussed with us. We will provide that new transformation that makes you feel happy. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Tailor-made project?

Do you have specific requirements or would you like more information about one of the above products?
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